Dancing in Dísz Square

Our school was asked to perform an Advent show in Dísz Square. Classes 3.a and 5.a acted a famous scene from the musical of Mary Poppins.
The role of Mary Poppins was played by Miss Emese Bödör. The audience liked our music and dance show very much.
First I was scared, when I saw the crowd in the square, but the people started clapping and all of my fear disappeared. I was very happy during the performance and I hope we will get another similar invitation next year.

Written by: Katica Golubics 3.a
Translated by: Dorina Csonka 6.a



Christmas show

The students of our school made a gala programme for Christmas. We started to rehearse in October. First, the goal was to understand and learn the text. The chaos of the first period slowly became the planned show.
When we knew our script well, we started to collect the costumes. From the theatre we borrowed some props for the background scenery that was made by the teachers.  
The dress rehearsal was held only a few hours before the show and by that time everything had already been set. The topic of the performance was about Christmas and togetherness and it was a great success. After the applause our teachers rewarded us very much.

Written by Péter Jenei from class 8.b
Translated by Ákos Barka from class 6.a



Getting ready for the ball

On 21 November a voluntary ball was organized in our school. The topic of the ball was the country. During the evening, the teachers were giving a show and we were dancing in the opening, too.

To our country dance Ms Timea Domján chose the dancers: Benita Pap, Klaudia Tóth, Virág Herczeg, Kamilla Golubics, Evelin Tóth and me. She dreamed the choreography, too and she was teaching it to us. The music was: Fine ID Line Dance.
We were preparing for it every day in room 29 and in the hall. We were enjoying that but it was a little bit tiring because we had to concentrate all the time. We were wearing country clothes: western boots, jeans, chequered shirt and sheriff hat.
Lots of practice made us successful, our performance was very good, everybody were clapping and Ms Timi was very proud of us.

Written by: Virág Makovecz 4.a
Translated by: Gergő Ujj 6.a